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Hi, I'm Sam Dyer. I offer:

High yield strategies for small business

gain the competitive edge

Comprehensive planning for bottom line results

Does your marketing engage the right audience, with the right message, at the right time? If not, you’re likely allowing hundreds of potential leads and sales to slip away. Working with me, you’ll nail down a strong unique value proposition, create a plan to automate lead generation and gain a custom, easy-to-follow conversion strategy. And because every marketing tactic in your toolkit can be tracked from campaign to sale, you'll know instantly if your marketing investment is paying off.


  • Generate leads

    Capture interest in your products and services

    When someone begins the process of looking for a product or service, they either search online or they tap their social network for a recommendation. When they do, can they find you? And, if they can, do your website and marketing materials engage them?

  • Build relationships

    Help people like, trust and choose you

    Are you producing content for, and interacting with your customers and prospects on a continual basis? Do you offer advice, information and tools they are attracted too, no matter where they may be in the buying cycle? Are you continually learning more about them and their unique needs?

  • Convert & retain

    Turn your prospects into repeat customers

    Today's savviest businesses use a proven strategy for converting a larger portion of their prospects into customers, while maximizing the value of their current customers. Do you measure your customers and prospects interactions with your brand, relative to your goals? Once your prospects and customers are engaged and educated, do you make adjustments to your marketing that lead to increase sales?

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